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A modern governess will usually be expected to have a teaching qualification and will be responsible not just for supporting a child’s education but also wider mentoring, cultural and play activities outside school hours. 

If you think a Governess is right for your family, it’s important to have a clear understanding of the typical duties that a Governess does, because these do vary from those of a Nanny.

  • A Governess helps with schoolwork and/or acts as a tutor for the children. They do this by supervising daily homework and work.

  • A Governess is responsible for keeping the room where the children work clean and organized.

  • A Governess ensures that all homework is done and that the children have their backpacks packed with their lessons ready to be turned in.

  • Some Governesses will prepare meals for the children and clean up after them.

  • A Governess organizes a timetable for coursework and educational outings to take the children on.

  • A Governess works closely with the parents to ensure the children are learning and growing.

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