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Nanny is a childcare worker to look after a family's children in their own home

Nannies take on many different roles in a family and should be nurturing, patient, knowledgeable, persistent, and communicative. For babies, a nanny’s job will mostly revolve around feeding, diaper changing, naps, clean-up, and playtime. As children get older, nannies may be expected to provide more stimulating and educational activities for children and to also transport them to play dates and classes. A family may also ask a nanny to take on certain housekeeping responsibilities, such as doing the children’s laundry, going grocery shopping for the children’s meals, cooking meals for children.

Nannies are tasked with the responsibility of being positive role models, communicating openly with the parents, and keeping children safe at all times. Nannies for hire are also responsible for reinforcing discipline standards established by the parents, being on time for work, and keeping parents updated about their children’s days. The tasks of a nanny will likely change as children grow and the family evolves, so a nanny must be adaptable to such changes over time.

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